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Are you interested in a specific topic? Would you like to broaden your horizons and your knowledge on a topic? You don’t want to complete large, far-reaching and sometimes cost-intensive training courses, but rather receive precise input on a topic? Is it best for you to broaden your horizons from the comfort of your own home instead of going to some training and further education format? You are in the right place!

Our range...

Our online formats and webinars are there so that you can inform yourself in an “online group” on a topic, and further educate yourself or take a different perspective on it. We have compact formats (25 min.) “SYS – Set your sights” as short inputs on topics, and our classic formats (50 min. Or as double formats 120 minutes) “THAT” – Think, Hear, Act & Transform “

Starting point and objective

Social learning occurs when we observe our behavior in groups as social systems ourselves or when we receive feedback from the group. It is now up to us whether we want to look at these observations and feedback on our behavior or not.

Our ATTITUDE is reflected in our BEHAVIOR, because in the long term we cannot behave differently in social systems than our ATTITUDE to the individual topics. We can’t hold out in the long run, and that would expose the system.

This systemic view is the basis of all of our approaches, models, inputs or theories that we apply in our various webinars. So it is the “worldview” of Systhat.

Many thought leaders from various intellectual currents have done great preparatory work and developed models to which we are happy to refer, and which we would like to check with you in the current context, whether they are still valid, or whether they are outdated or perhaps even proven by the changing system structure to have.

What contribution we can and would like to make with our webinars and online formats:

  • “SYS – Set your sights” – focus your perspective on a specific question
  • “THAT – Think, hear, act & transform” – Get a mental picture, hear other opinions and perspectives, take action and formulate your opinion. Check and validate these in the transformation in practice
  • We would like to offer you an independent platform where a value-free exchange of opinions should be possible. Because we don’t look at each other, but want to look together in a future direction … at the other view of things!
  • It doesn’t always have to be the big picture … step by step, get a picture of various topics that arouse your interest and trust yourself to change your perspective. And over time, your whole picture will change – thanks to the systems, that happens by itself, without you being alone. Sharing is caring, because in the end we are all in the same boat!

Not for free, but we don’t believe for free! Everything depends on what you make of it!

“WEB-SYS – Set your sights Webinar” (25 min.)
“WEB-THAT – Think, hear, act, transform Webinar” (50 min. Unit)
“WEB-THAT Great – Lessons Learned Webinar” – 110 minutes double unit 
“T&T – Targeted and tailored” – special topic on request (50 min. Unit)
Special offer on request

Your contribution to the webinars of our think tank gives us the opportunity to create something great and valuable with you:

SYS webinars free of charge in “THAT registration”, otherwise EUR 3.99 per unit
THAT classroom training on selected topics, EUR 7.99 per unit
THAT Great -Training with case studies, etc., EUR 14.99 per unit
Tailor-made group training / coaching, EUR 199 per unit
Other formats on request

How do you get to your webinars?

“Whoever does what he can already do, always remains what he already is. (HENRY FORD) “
Are you ready to see the world from a different perspective?
Open up your mind … mind your gap!

Registration "SYS" & "THAT"

Register with SYSTHAT with a “SYS” or “THAT” membership. Please note that selected webinars are free of charge for “THAT” members.

Selection & registration

Select your topics or suitable formats from our various webinars and register. This secures your place in the webinar.

Participation in the webinar

We conduct our webinars using the “WEBEX” solution. This enables participation via the Internet or by telephone – whatever is available to you.