Sparring & coaching for top management

The helmsman shows what he can do, not when the weather is nice,
but in storms and thunderstorms. “
(Petrus Chrysologus)

It’s lonely at the top. This is common to all top executives.
But if you always only look at the world from your own eyes, you only get the truth of your own perception as an answer to your own questions.
But especially in the top-level area, a variety of perspectives and your own reflection are extremely important – on an equal footing. Consumable. Discreet.

Our range...

People who stand the highest should also see the farthest.
If it weren’t so foggy in such a cloud sphere!
(Ludwig Fulda)

Starting point and objective

The world’s oceans are currently stormy. We are in a phase of transformation that we experience around every 70 years.
Challenging, threatening, destructive, uncertain, full of opportunities.

This weather situation is not for fair weather captains and hobby managers. It is something for courageous thought leaders, honest lateral thinkers, managers with integrity, brave leaders. It now shows who has learned and practiced the craft of leadership so well that it works even in the most adverse times. It shows who is now facing the team with full responsibility and tries to provide orientation. It shows which team trusts their manager. The wheat is separated from the chaff in the management level, who sails constructively into the future with an eye for the future, or who hides behind the strongest in the team so as not to get wet.

No question about it – it is not easy to make the “right” decisions now because a lot is new territory. But to steer the car only with the rearview mirror and to overlook what is already promising on the road is in any case nonsensical.

It is therefore more than legitimate that top leaders also share their questions, challenges, worries or observations on an equal footing. Because most of the time, “making it possible to discuss” you find out what needs to be said or what not. By reflecting on the observations, you figure out for yourself what to watch out for, or what is just an optical illusion of a reflection. In sparing, you can tell from the questions of the sparring partner what you actually have no answers to, or what new questions the answers raise.

You don’t go into a competition without first training with the trainer or coach. You can, but you don’t have to.

How can we support you?

Due to the composition of our think tanks in the background, it is possible for us to provide support in sparring with classic, valid and often successfully applied systemic tools and methods, as well as to control a variety of perspectives by experts from our think tank.


If, especially in these uncertain times, you have the desire to spar your challenges with someone factually and well-founded, contact us.

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Confidentiality and discretion are a matter of course for us. Let us find out whether we are the right sparring partner for you. Try us.


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