“You cannot” not work “, you cannot” not communicate “.”
So says Paul Watzlawick. This is how systemicists see it, this is how we see it at Systhat.
Everyone can iterate and communicate. Some courses of action are more targeted and therefore more effective, some are past the goal and therefore have no effect. We see ourselves as systemic moderators as designers and managers of communication settings. Regardless of the size of the group, you just have to choose the right setting so that we can process the group towards the desired goal. So, let’s talk about!

Our range...

As a moderator, we see it as our responsibility, through the targeted use of the moderation instrument, to design a learning process together with the group so that the participants can use the greatest possible complexity to achieve a desired learning result as a resource. We have mastered the craft, you bring the material that needs to be worked on together. According to the Latin origin “moderator = moderate, leader “and considering from the point of view of nuclear technology, where a moderator is a substance that slows down neutrons of high energy, we work with agile and process-based moderation techniques in order to expand and accelerate the group as much as possible in terms of complexity Then steer them in a structured manner towards their common goal result.

Starting point and objective

Regardless of whether you need a small, moderated setting – starting with conflicts between two parties, meetings, workshops or large meetings, conferences or events. We understand the trade (manager – manus – hand) moderation, and with the systemic, process-based approach and the use of the necessary resources, we can moderate a wide variety of groups and settings.

What we offer – your benefits:

We moderate all types of groups – from two settings to large groups, from key-note speaking to well-known large-scale designs such as “world-cafe” and the like.

We adapt our process-based way of working to your needs. We have agreed a process and a target corridor with you, we let the rest arise. Because we can.

How do you get your moderation

Just as management in the sense of “manus – the hand” is a craft, moderation is also a craft that needs to be learned. We have learned this and have used it successfully countless times. How can we contribute to their success?

Contact us

You have the feeling that you have a type of moderation, workshop design, meeting constellation, key-note speaking or whatever: Contact us!

Exchange and design

Depending on what requirements you have and what result you want to achieve with them, we create a wide variety of moderation designs. The main thing is effective and successful!

let's communicate

When we have jointly determined how / where / when / to what extent, with what goal, within which corridor, etc. we can take effect for you, we start!
Let’s communicate!