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There are many perspectives to look at the world – we look at them from a systemic perspective. Therefore, we see work organizations as socially complex systems in which people come together as individual social complex systems, organize themselves according to division of labor within the organizational structure in order to work towards a common goal. The manager is responsible for the system to be managed.
So far so good. Theoretically. But practical? Do you have the feeling that everything in your organization is not running smoothly, you are running at full speed as a manager and you are running out of time and motivation. Now we’re starting …

our range

Corporate visions in the sense of the “great target images of the successful future” arise in the minds of the owners and can at best be communicated to the first management level so that they can embark on the mission of recruiting supporters for the implementation in the next few years and possibly decades Find. Then you still have to organize the operational implementation and find the right employees for it, and then sell the whole thing to your customers, and you are already successful. In theory. It’s never easy. Rather highly complex. And often the first stumbling block on the way to corporate success: The missing big vision, for which it is worthwhile to invest sweat, tears, effort, effort, time, money, strength, energy and whatever and to come up with a strategy how this can be successfully implemented over the next few years, depending on the future scenarios. If this is missing, then we must not be absent and correct the error.

Starting point and objective

You usually have entrepreneurs – the great vision of future business success. Want to conquer markets, shake up existing systems, create new customer needs and revolutionize the world. At the start. But that usually takes a long time. And some people lack the stamina, consistency, discipline and also the craft of strategic corporate management. Often.

Existing companies – and here often the SMEs that are used to success, but also the classic entrepreneurially managed SMEs – are lost: the great vision and the willingness to innovate again and again, to create, to realign themselves, to try things out, to be interesting for customers and new customers. It is often the lack of time and leisure for it, because if the company is running, the entrepreneur is usually physically running at full speed in the operational system as well. The need to take it out of day-to-day operations, as well as time and space for strategic analyzes and finding options, is often only seen when it is no longer operational or, according to the balance sheet, did not work in the previous financial year. The power, both in terms of resources and money, is then no longer there. It is being sold, resigned, restructured, kept alive, and sometimes closed. Too bad.

Large companies, on the other hand, often have the problem that there are so many people with ideas who want to help shape it. There are usually large areas where companies can be successful. But with the overwhelming number of options, strengths are often split up because none of them want to be left out. Or it comes to a standstill because nobody wants to decide what to bet on. Because it is like in shipping with large ships: Once the course has been set and full speed has started, it takes a long time before the course can be changed and turned. And that is also noticeable. And also causes damage – up to and including the break-up of the company. KMUS would be more agile, but less resilient. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages.

How and in which areas can we support you, for example?

  • Evaluation of the initial situation / analysis of the current situation
  • Driver analysis and scenario models
  • Market analysis, customer analysis, etc.
  • Option analysis and review
  • Prioritization of options and preparation of strategic and operational implementation measures
  • Review of sustainability, etc.

how do you get our consulting service

Good advice is expensive … but ideally cheaper than perplexity.
We only do what you want to pay for, because it will pay off.


All questions relating to the topic of strategic alignment of companies, strategy work and implementation in the operational systems, business models, expansion, restructuring, M&A, market analyzes, customer value analyzes, and the like – contact us. We look forward to you!

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We will arrange an order clarification meeting with you so that we can decide together whether we are the right partner for you as an organization based on a tailor-made offer. What do you want to contribute to our cooperation, what can we do for you?

Consulting service

We work with you on a process basis. From the analysis and diagnosis phase through the option evaluation and review of the strategic options to the selection and implementation of the strategic directions and operational packages of measures. Focused, committed, efficient and success-oriented. This is us.