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Do you have an idea and would like to be successful with your innovation – but not deal with the development of a business model? You have a business model and its success clearly in your head, but you don’t know how to implement it? Have you got off to a successful start and your ventures are bearing fruit, but running a business requires time and effort? You try to manage your EPU or SME in a resource-lean way on your own, but need support at one point or another! We are there for you …

Our range...

To be able to harvest anything, you must first sow something!
Every business model starts with the entrepreneur’s vision … and many stay at that stage. Because the next step is one of the most difficult and complex … and mostly not one of the company’s core competencies. It is the mission up to the successful implementation, so that later your investments will pay off and you will not have miscalculated. Because you are always billed at the end! Count on our support …

Starting point and objective

Since we are visionaries ourselves, and it is one of our core competencies to convert business ideas into possible functioning business models, we know what we can not only talk about in theory but also bring in practical expertise. Especially in the start-up phase, energy, focus, direction, precision and flexibility are required as an external partner so that “the horsepower can be put on the road” and the entrepreneur can focus on his business model.

Strategic errors at the beginning unfortunately only become noticeable later when looking backwards, and are then often difficult to correct or afflicted with a lot of loss of income, up to and including failure. Therefore, especially at the beginning, the “external glasses” of a consultant are indispensable so that one does not get lost in enthusiasm about future business success and the entrepreneur’s strengths are split up. But that’s where you don’t want to invest too much – you don’t even know whether the business will work and all the effort will pay off. But then you usually build in the first calculation error.

Our contributions for entrepreneurs, one-person companies and small and medium-sized enterprises are tailor-made. Most of the time we are not comfortable because we are very clear about our assessment, but you pay us for it, and we are effective.

For example, where can we support you?

  • Development of a business model from the business idea
  • Strategy development for the implementation of the business idea
  • Examination of all funding and support measures
  • Legal, tax and economic inputs
  • Coaching, training, sparring for entrepreneurs
  • Organizational development, business process modeling, etc.
  • Personnel development, workshops, training & coaching
  • Optimization of the value creation process
  • Cooperation and collaboration with business partners
  • Transformation & Change: From the living room to the office center
  • IT set-up, web presence, communication at the POS, customer acquisition
  • Moderation, meetings, customer appearances, etc.
  • …. and whatever moves you, we help you move

How to start innovation

“If you are in a hurry, go slowly.” (Confucius)
But get going so that you can turn your idea into a success story … and finally. On your marks, get set, go!


Whatever concerns you as an entrepreneur – get in touch with us. We will check whether we can support you or, if not, where you can get support. Everything from a single source – as long as things are in our hands, you get. We work selectively with selected cooperation partners.

Order clarification

We have to understand each other, we have to learn to understand you. So that your customers will understand you later. In the first phase we try to clarify whether we see our support as effective and whether we believe in the business model with you. If not, we will say so too.

start it up!

We not only proceed systematically, we also proceed systematically. Step by step, section by section. We work with you on a process basis. Together, this gives us the flexibility to implement the measures that are needed at the right time. This means that you do not need to buy a large overall package at the beginning, but tailor the accompaniment with us.