Development / optimization of organizations

Work organizations are highly complex social systems where people come together to organize themselves according to the division of labor. So does human behavior create work structures or do work structures create desired human behavior? The eternal chicken and egg theme. In any case, both of them influence each other alternately. How do you organize yourself optimally? That all depends…

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Organizing means, from a systemic point of view, “permanent”. 
But nothing is for eternity, just for a certain period of time until it is adapted! 
It is therefore inevitable that you, as managers responsible for the system, constantly adjust carefully to the three relevant levers: Do we have a strategy that we are all familiar with and that we are pursuing? Have we organized ourselves in such a way that we can achieve these goals? Do we have the right employees who can make their own contribution? There is no clear yes from you here, then we come to you!

Starting point and objective

The corporate strategy that the owner specifies and instructs his top-level executives to implement them consistently and effectively is the direction of every organization. So if you don’t have a clear direction, the organization is not optimally aligned. If executives do not do this, nothing obvious happens for the first time, because systems have the property of autopoiesis, i.e. they dominate the process of self-creation and self-preservation. Forgiving for a while. Then comes the system crisis …

Employees organize themselves according to the division of labor in order to ideally implement the desired strategy operationally. Or so. With some observations, there is no clear organization, but a multitude of “workarounds” or self-defined processes that disrupt the intrinsic flow of organization. But somehow that doesn’t bother anyone, because it is also not noticeable if you do not record the operational organization and business processes as a model. Only when you model an ideally efficient organizational design along the value creation process with all the relevant business processes and then compare it with actual practice can you determine where you are losing speed, precision, focus and efficiency. And mostly not that little of it.

In work organizations, work processes are defined and made permanent so that they function largely independently. Over time, however, many adjustments are made in organizations: The corporate strategy changes (new markets, new products and services, new systems, new customer requirements), the employees change (new job compositions, new role models, people who think and act differently, new working time models , etc.) or the environment changes. We only try to keep the organization with its functionality and processes in place over the long term. It takes strength and endurance, it’s like swimming against the current. And in communication you can hear: Nothing works for us, everything is difficult, I would if we could …

How can we support you in organizing your organization?

  • Evaluation of the initial / current situation
  • Formulation of goals for the future organizational structure
  • Modeling of the organizational architecture, value creation process, controlling / supporting processes
  • Business process modeling
  • Workshops with executives and key personnel, employees
  • Testing of functionality, employee and customer feedback, etc.

Your way to organizational development / optimization

Organizations as socially complex systems have wonderful self-organization properties, are forgiving, indispensable and ideally performant. If this is not the case, the system must be checked and action taken. Control us!


Do you have the feeling that you are losing performance in the organization, although the direction is clear, the employees top performers and the business model are valid? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Diagnosis & design

We will make an appointment to get to know your organization and how we can help improve the organization’s performance.

Implementation phase

We accompany you from the analysis to the implementation of the process improvement measures as well as checking the effectiveness.