Systemic coaching

Can you no longer see the forest for the trees? Are you going in circles yourself because you don’t know where you are going? Something moves you consciously or subconsciously, but you cannot “move it away” yourself? Do you have a view of things, but would like to have a “value-neutral, non-system” view? Are you wondering if you even have a problem … or are you the problem? No problem … that’s what we’re here for!

Our range...

With systemic coaching we would like to invite you as a “coachee” to look at your questions together with me as a coach in order to get a common view of your system to be considered so that you can find your solutions!

Starting point, process and goal setting

Systemic coaching is a process. Accordingly, as serious coaches, we cannot say in advance “how many coaching units do you need” in order to achieve your desired goal.

What we can say, however, is that we will accompany you for as long as necessary and work as resource-conserving as possible so that you have the best possible benefit. Dare to take the first step so that your journey can begin.

Arrange your desired date with us in order to set the first objective and clarify the order. Then we can determine the procedure together.

As a rule, coaching takes place in the real environment – in our office, in your organization. However, we also use “virtual coaching” temporarily so that we can be at your disposal if personal meetings are not available as an option.

Price / service overview:

Initial information free of charge
each additional coaching hour (unit of 55 min.) EUR 200, –
Every 10th coaching hour: EUR 125, –


How do you get your coaching

Every journey starts with the first step!

Contact us!

Contact us and let us evaluate together whether coaching is the right form of cooperation. Let’s make a first appointment and let’s compare our perspectives.


Register with Systhat and book your desired coaching lesson. Please note: Unfortunately, cancellations or postponements within 24 hours cannot be made free of charge.

Let's systhat

As part of our first coaching session, we will jointly determine when, how & to what extent we want to work together so that you can find your solution.