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As a niche company, we offer you tailor-made solutions for your challenges as well as “general classics” that are intended to support you in your personal, private, entrepreneurial or other transformation. Precise, practical, effective, valuable and tailor-made – this is how we act.

Our offer - your benefit

We do not have standard solutions, but always work individually and process-based on the system to be viewed and changed. We always adapt our established and therefore effective solutions to the specific challenges. Whether you are a private system, i.e. a private person who needs help to self-help when considering their personal system with the relevant questions, or whether you are an SME to a large company, or even a public corporation, and effective solutions in Need change or development questions – the systemic support approach with its process-based solution approaches is suitable for all of these topics. Find out more online or contact us by email! I look forward to meeting you!

The best of both worlds - we are omnipresent.

Due to the systemic mode of action, we ideally prefer personal solutions on site.
Of course, it can and must sometimes make sense to use online solutions.

For individuals

Systemic coaching

“You can no longer see the forest for the trees?” Do you have the feeling that something in the system you are in – whether professionally or privately – is not running smoothly? Would you like to reorient yourself, to develop, to break free from something? Would you like to speak to experts in the “current crisis”? Then coaching is the right format for you as a coachee to shed light on these questions and systems with the coach, so that you come to the right answers!

Webinars and online sessions

Are you interested in a specific topic, would you like to receive information, perspectives and practical tools? With our web-based online tools, this is easy, precise, efficient and effective. You don’t have to select a video and watch it, you can participate in our virtual meetings, receive information and ask questions. You can also do this simply by dialing in without a PC. You can already take part in our webinar. Stay tuned, jump in, perform out!

For groups

Mediation and conflict management

Conflicts are the spice of life! Without them, life would be boring. What does it take? Not much. Take at least 2 people or more with 2 different points of view, plus emotions and a common system as a binding agent. The conflict is done! We help you to resolve these conflicts profitably with various settings and methods, because every conflict is an opportunity! We evaluate the drivers that have contributed to the hardening of the situation and work with you to find constructive, future-oriented solutions. Emotions out, perspectives in!


As a moderator, it is my job to direct and control conversational situations so that groups can come to a common learning outcome by focusing on content. I am very happy to do that for you! Whether you have exams, workshops, meetings, conferences or the like, we are happy to accompany you from the conception, preparation, implementation and follow-up. With a wide variety of methods and processes – especially with agile concepts up to classic moderation – we adapt the moderation solution to your objectives.

For organizations

Innovation, business models, start-ups, SMEs

Do you have a business idea, a clear picture of how you want to be successful in the future, but no impulse, no concept and no structure how you want to approach it? Think big right away or start a little bit as a “test balloon”? You have a concept, but you are actually missing people in the arena who can do something different than you, which would make business success even more certain? Should you go “online” like everyone else, or continue “offline” locally? You want to finally turn your calling into a profession, do something that nobody can do better than you, but who knows? How do you tell your potential customers? You get practical and effective solutions from a single source for all these questions!

Management consulting & strategy development

Why is advice needed – when good advice is expensive? Because we as non-systematic people see things that you as part of the company – whether as CEO, COO, manager or key worker – cannot see. Who is constantly questioning or testing their own system? And then you are experts in your company and usually know it very well. But what about the corporate environment, the customer system, the economy, the competition, etc.? There is not enough time for that in everyday work. We have this resource, the know-how plus a macro perspective. This is what makes you successful as an entrepreneur with our consulting expertise. Try us!

Organizational development & optimization

What does “organize” actually mean? To organize means to be permanent – and not to be chiseled in stone for eternity! As socially complex systems, work organizations have the wonderful property of largely organizing themselves on the basis of processes and procedures that people use as employees, managers and key workers. And organizational structures are also put in place for a very long time because it was time-consuming to organize them and get them up and running smoothly. Nevertheless, corporate strategies, customer and supplier systems, products, solutions, the environment, etc. change – so the organization must be adapted accordingly. We support you with the RE organization under the aspect of digitization and other drivers from the environment, such as ecological requirements, etc.

HR development & corporate culture

Organizations as socially complex systems form a stable triangle from the structure in the sense of processes, the people in the sense of the culture, which together align themselves largely self-organized to the strategy. It is therefore essential and almost negligent if product solutions, processes or strategy are constantly being improved, but the pillar of personnel development and corporate culture is neglected. We work multi-dimensionally, efficiently and effectively with different personnel development, training, coaching and moderation tools so that your employees can achieve optimal performance and systems are high-performing. Especially for executives and key workers, also with teams of all sizes!

Transformation & change management

Transformation or change management needs a necessity, ie a hardship that needs to be (averted) away. The tried and tested is destroyed. What is still necessary and valid in the future will be reassembled. But some things cannot be found again, new things are added. That means “conversion during operation”. If this happens very late as a radical transformation, it is as an “emergency operation” for survival. We are currently experiencing this a lot. We help you to change and improve holistically – from the core competencies of your company, strategy development, reorganization, change management in the personnel area, the adaptation of (value-added) systems to the customer system, so that transformation can take place in a targeted and future-oriented manner.

Design & moderation of meetings, agile workshops, ...

As a moderator, it is my job to steer and process conversational situations so that groups can come to a common learning outcome by focusing on content. I am very happy to do that for you! Whether you have exams, workshops, meetings, conferences or the like, we are happy to accompany you from the conception, preparation, implementation and follow-up. With a wide variety of methods and processes – from agile concepts to classic moderation – we adapt the moderation solution to your objectives. If you just need an input – we are happy to contribute to the result with key notes.

Sparring & coaching for top management

It’s lonely at the top. Executives from top management know that. It is all the more important to have a sparring partner outside of the system to be managed, with whom the manager can discuss, reflect, question and illuminate both company-relevant and personal issues. To find answers yourself to questions that may not even be consciously formulated. We see top business coaching as the supreme discipline – and we look forward to being able to talk to you in confidence.

Project management

Everything is a project. Whether in advertising or in a company – almost every undertaking is crowned a project. Projectitis has arrived. But is everything a project at all? Do the projects have a defined beginning, a fixed end, a budget, available resources, a project organization, a project team plus manager, a smart goal, the need to work together “across lines” outside of everyday work? Yes? No? We help you to find out whether it is worth doing a project based on the tasks or whether it is just a recurring bundle of measures, such as inventory, a trade fair, etc. How can you make a project efficient, target-oriented, resource-saving and plan, execute and complete successfully? We show this with classic and agile project management skills (e.g. Scrum). Would you like a little more? We are also happy to do – temporary project management for you, as well as multi-project management if there are many projects to be synchronized.

Other tailor-made solutions

So far you haven’t seen any suitable solutions where we can support and accompany you? Or do you have another, special challenge that we should accompany or a question that needs to be answered? No problem – we look forward to hearing from you. Because there are always many more solutions than problems – you just have to find the right solution to the right problem (the pot-and-lid principle), and we are happy to help. There is no such thing as impossible, it can only be done differently!