There are many ways to react in challenging times and crisis situations:
Panic, being afraid, freezing, fleeing, immersing yourself in the general public, propaganda …

Or you can act proactively and thus shape the future!
It takes courage, a strong heart, a clear mind, a vision, strength and perseverance.

All of our Bravehearts have this time
who innovate instead of intriguing, who act instead of react, who create instead of pause, who trust and dare, who have courage instead of anger, who are efficient instead of fleeting, who design instead of discard, who initialize instead of insist, who develop instead of devalue, who mobilize instead of bullying, who are creative instead of criticizing, who lead instead of suffering, who produce instead of propagate, who plan instead of babbling …

Are you such a Braveheart ???

Networking with foresight

Every crisis is an opportunity … but not equally for everyone.
Because where there is light there is also shadow, where there are winners, there are unfortunately also losers!

Now is the time for thought leaders, designers, brave, capable, creative, active!

(A. Einstein)

As a systemic organizational consultant and coach or mediator we are interested in your challenges – especially in times of transformation. We support you to find your overall view of the possible future potentials now so that you or the organization can optimally align yourself or the organization so that you can resume performance as quickly as possible, or to stabilize your current performance.

Imagine, dear Bravehearts, so that we can get an idea of you!

Many people or organizations hesitate to get outside support, especially in times of transformation. There can be many understandable reasons for this.

The outside view has many advantages …

  • Whether as a manager, owner, private person, etc. – you are always part of the relevant system in which you are. A “neutral perspective” is therefore ruled out per se!
  • As much as you may wish to always get the best out of everyone, in the end – at least unconsciously – their personal interests at least play a significant role, which is systemic and natural.
  • We cannot contribute to the solution any more than we know ourselves. Unless group decisions are made, then these are mostly “better”. But groups must be controlled, which ideally requires an external, and thus system-independent and neutral moderator / mediator so that the group can perform its tasks. Again, that cannot come from the system (family, friends, organization, etc.).

What we offer with our network … your added value

– Become part of the Systhat community think tank 
– Contact us for your questions and concerns
– Focus on your business, leave it to us 
   Tasks that are not your core business
– Take the chance a high quality, systemic 
   and get an independent overall perspective of your system
– we are not always comfortable, but we are highly effective
– Get feedback before you start the implementation
– Use the chance for the best possible overall perspective
   due to our strong network of experts and specialists
– Get a holistic one in a cost-saving and efficient manner 
   Implementation proposal coordinated and from a single source
– At the latest now, prepare for the transformation and the 
   Time afterwards: “act instead of react”
– Use our knowledge from blogs, forums, webinars, etc.

Please visit the Solutions page for more information on our Braveheart support solutions.

Take heart – get to know us!