my passion for further development and transformation

Why do systems work and things how they work? What can be learned and developed further through observation and understanding? Where there is shadow, there is also light – how can we constructively deal with changes, which are ultimately the only constant over time? In the end, what always stays the same, what do we never learn from? People and organizations are socially complex systems … dynamic, self-organized, interesting – that’s what we deal with.

About Systhat ...

Doesn’t work, doesn’t exist – just works differently, because:
The future does not mean coincidence, it means designing it today in a targeted manner.

Gabriele Novosel, MBA

Both people and companies as organizations are socially complex systems. Social, because we are human and not a system of computers connected to a network. Complex because of its many elements and features are in a holistic relationship to each other and interact with each other. The difficulty lies in the fact that both elements and the course of effects change, the entirety of which cannot be determined and cannot be comprehensively grasped by the decision-maker. Thus, the action always remains a bit intuitive, and the result cannot be predicted with certainty – there is therefore also uncertainty in the result (output).

Does all of this sound familiar to you in everyday life?
You are right – with the current system crisis triggered by COVID-19, we are confronted with exactly this theory in our everyday lives. Everything we thought we had understood in its entirety so far no longer seems to be correct. Much of what we try to understand does not succeed because we neither know the elements, nor the relationships to one another, nor have valid systems to predict a possible outcome, nor even to validly model it. And we don’t have a clear goal.

None of this is new, and between us, it has long been predictable … if one had wanted to look there in the last few decades!

With our last “revolution”, that of information and communication technologies, we created a complexity that was neither comprehensible, its effect transparent, nor its functionality actively controllable and the result not predictable in a linear fashion. In a nutshell: We have overtaken ourselves and become entangled in a complex system of chaos from which we actually couldn’t get out. There we are now.

With COVID-19 something was triggered socially worldwide that brought us clarity in one fell swoop: The end of capitalism as we have got to know it since the early 1950s, and whose basic functionality we simply exaggerated and overheated towards the end of the 20th century, has come. With the “shut-down” we extinguished this embers, slowed down the pace, and interrupted the functioning as we knew it. The old system has come to a standstill. Period. Because: There is no “world pause button” that you can hold down as long as you want and then simply continue unchanged from where you left off. Fact.

For private individuals as well as for companies and organizations, and thus for all of us who make up society, the economy, the state, etc., the question arises: What do we want to take with us from this destructive act of change into the new world, what will also be meaningful and useful in the future, what new will arise from it and what will be added … and what will we not take with us into our new age because it has had its day and has no meaningful and useful function? A painful decision that nobody would like to make, because ultimately everyone in a system is more or less affected by it, more directly or indirectly. Temporary.

Nevertheless, we cannot avoid the functioning of change and transformation, and we have to face them.

We as Systhat want to make our contribution
– to create an understanding of systems theory so that we can work with
learn to deal with the transformation better and more effectively
– To convey knowledge that can help in everyday life to get through the transformation more quickly – a conspiratorial think tank
– To network knowledge and non-knowledge in a targeted and effective way so that an even greater collective knowledge and understanding emerges
– To accompany people and organizations with external glasses in order to better understand and adapt their systems.

Let’s Systhat!

What sets us apart ...

With Systhat we want to help so that many people participate with their opinions, their knowledge, their “computer power in the brain,” with their fears and feelings, with their will and their energy in order to better understand and present the current situation, so that we can all make an active contribution to shaping our common future. It is worth trying if we want to take our personal responsibility seriously.

Inconvenient but effective

Our blogs, our online meetings, booked coaching and training sessions for individuals and companies, our collaboration in organizations for strategy, organizational and cultural changes, etc. are often uncomfortable because you are confronted with the truth and we look at it with you, where one would like to look the other way … just to understand what drove us into this situation and how we can use the chance to do it differently in the future.

Complex, but not complicated

Regardless of whether our #world impact models, whether our blog posts or our forum – we dedicate ourselves to a complexity that is difficult for an individual to cope with. As a community with our common knowledge and non-knowledge, we should succeed better.
Ultimately, modeling, discussing, and intervening are not complicated, but simply follow simple methods. In sum, however, they are complex ways of thinking!

With brain and heart in it

As a Systhat, we see ourselves as a small, fine think tank and association of people who are willing to contribute knowledge, experience and competence – whether in our community or in other targeted measures. As a member of this society, we see ourselves as responsible for raising critical questions and observing for discussion if these are important to us. It is not about evaluation, but about observation and description!

Gabriele Novosel - about the person

Whoever does what he can already do, always remains what he already is!

Systemic organizational and personnel developer, consultant, trainer, coach, mediator, entrepreneur

Whoever does what he can already do, always remains what he already is!

The common thread in my more than 25-year career can be easily described with irrepressible curiosity and diverse interest in people and organizations, constant striving for further development, innovation, creativity, willpower, a strong inner drive to move and inspire people with communication. This includes the core competence of effectively mastering complexity through a quick perception coupled with the great ability to think networked. To grasp connections and to bring them to the point in a condensed manner. Quick, direct, clear, understandable.

Seeing crises as an opportunity, seeing movement as a necessity for change, perceiving personal responsibility as a contribution to functioning systems, tensing and relaxing, accelerating and slowing down, using your own strengths to deal with your own weaknesses – in short: life and the universe as a limitless opportunity Seeing with its many perspectives, that describes me.