SYS temic TH inking A nd t ransformation

If, in changing times, we no longer understand the world, linear planning turns out to be unsuitable, and we feel disoriented, then the systemic approach is suitable for observing and recording modes of action. Only when we have understood this can we derive scope for action.

We help people, groups, teams and organizations, especially in transformation phases, for example with strategic realignment, operational changes or culture and conflict management. Years of experience and many solved challenges set us apart – that’s what we stand for.

Let’s SysThat!

Survey for executives

“Opportunities and limitations of agile work styles and lateral hierarchies with associated conflict potential.”

In the course of my second master’s degree (MSc) “Consulting and Communication Studies with a Focus on Conflict Management” at the Sigmund Freud University, I am dealing with this brand-new research question in the empirical part of my master’s thesis.

If you give us a Want to fulfill your Christmas wish: Please take part in the survey (it takes about 20 minutes) and please share the information about participation in your networks , because the results become more valid the more managers present their view of the challenges in our VUCA world – together we achieve more !

Participation in the survey in German and English is possible until January 22nd, 2022, and takes place anonymously and in compliance with the GDPR.  We will be happy to publish the results of the survey on our website in 2022. 

Thank you very much in advance for your support. Of course, your investment should not be in vain! As a thank you , I can provide all participants with a 30-minute feedback, advice or coaching unit free of charge! Bookable in our webshop under “Feedback-Talk”. I also have a special Christmas present for organizations : If you forward this invitation to your executives to participate, ask them to mention this in question 4 / Company and please contact me – I will of course evaluate the answers of your executives separately, preserving anonymity for you! 

I wish you, your families and loved ones a Merry Christmas, especially in these challenging times, as well as all the best and health for 2022!

News - competence expansion!

Registered mediator – Entry in the list of mediators in accordance with Section 8 of the Civil Law Mediation Act

We not only help our customers to develop themselves or their organizations, but we are constantly developing ourselves. That is our basic understanding. With my completion of the training to become a mediator according to the ZivMedG and the entry in the list of mediators (, we can expand our range of services for you!

Try SYSTHAT – we look forward to hearing from you!

Blog - a matter of opinion!

We are constantly looking at a current topic!

Take a look at our blog page and read our observation of the day! We have a point of view, what is your perspective on it? We look forward to your feedback and perspectives, because together we can see more!

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Dealing with professional or private changes as a private person, agile leadership in uncertain times, seeing transformation as an opportunity, developing yourself and organizations further … Get short inputs (25 min.) With our WEB-SYS format or more detailed information (50 Min.) With our WEB-THAT webinar. Appointments and booking in our webshop!

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NLC - consulting, project management, training, coaching, mediation & more

As a small, fine niche provider, our ” boutique solution ” represents tailor-made top performance for our customers. A small team of experts in the fields of law, taxes, finance, corporate management, strategy, organizational and personnel development, agile workshop formats, moderation, key-note speaking, mediation and conflict management, team building, sparring, coaching and much more take care of it to your challenges. We are not loud and effective in advertising, we perform at a high level even with almost hopeless and individual challenges – effectively, efficiently and quietly.


Strategy development & Customer benefit analysis

New challenges from the environment require a review of your business model and an adjustment of the corporate strategy …


Organizational development & transformation / digitization

Effective organizational design with optimal use of existing and future resources are the key for high-performance companies …

Personnel development / placement, culture & teams

In many companies, personnel is the most valuable asset and therefore the most important resource. If the organization develops, the staff must develop from it …

agile workshops & PM Academy / training / e-learning

Our agile workshop formats combine systemic models to develop and network knowledge in groups – inconvenient but highly effective …


Moderation, speaking, Mediation / conflict resolution

Not seeing the forest for the trees – or: being part of the relevant system. We moderate your meetings, events, etc. as a “neutral non-system partner” …


Executive sparring, coaching, Employee lifecycle

And now for a moment personally: Even top executives need a sparring partner to shed light on their reality, or do you need a coach? …

# Got the dog

Our blog about everything that moves us to better understand the world!

Knowing & not-knowing

The knowledge of groups, including the lack of knowledge, is greater than that of a single “expert person”. Unless there is a special expertise that a single person has that is relevant for solving tasks.

diversity of perspectives

With our blogs we would like to provide a perspective on current topics. We look forward to reading your perspective, APPRECIATIVE and FAIR.


If we have raised questions on various topics or current challenges with our blog, please contact us!

#Cooperation and network

Combine strengths – together for your benefit

The systemic approach is based on the fact that the world is a complex social system because in this human being act and interact as complex social beings. This overall system consists of innumerable subsystems – how many? Yes, that depends on whether you want to look at the world from the “global macro perspective” or want to keep focusing in the subsystems with the “micro glasses” until you have shown everything down to the smallest system and understood how it works. None of this is “better”, only the way you look at it is different.

NLC Business GmbH with its “Systhat” brand always tries to use the systemic approach as a navigator in its work in order to support people and organizations in coping with their challenges. We therefore always check all central influencing variables and try to diagnose together with you where the greatest challenges and levers are so that the system can flow again in a self-controlled manner.

Together with our network of experts and cooperation partners, who are experts in their specific areas of expertise, we work efficiently, effectively and sustainably.

Everything from a single source – but with many supporting hands!

About me...

There is no such thing as impossible – it just works differently …

Gabriele Novosel, MBA

My name is Gabriele Novosel and I would like to make my contribution with SYSTHAT in order to use our current transformation together with you as a community to transform this opportunity of design into a positive benefit for all of us.

As a long-standing management consultant, systemic coach, management trainer, manager – but above all as a passionate systemicist and cyberneticist – it is important to me to make my contribution so that we can steer today’s world and social order together in a direction that will also apply to the next Makes decades on our planet worth living. It is the necessity with which we are confronted on a daily basis to turn around hardship so that our current systems as we know and understand them halfway can continue to function, or just have to be redesigned and reorganized in order to continue or to be functional in the future.

It is well known that the current transformation was long overdue. Just not aware of everyone. The redesign is difficult because the direction is not clear to us. What can, should, and want to do differently, what will we no longer do in the future in the “new world”? Change is a destructive or disruptive process and means destroying what already exists and rebuilding it. No longer with all the old building blocks, but with new ones. But how? And who would want to let go of the old and the familiar for an uncertain, new future? Who would like to take responsibility for this? Who wants to take the lead, position themselves, expose themselves, be wrong? Who would prefer to be a (stowaway) passenger and drift wherever the journey goes?

In my extensive training, coaching and consulting activities with my company NLC Business GmbH, I am increasingly noticing that we have managed to overtake ourselves with all of our internationalization, digitization, mobility and information / communication technologies. It is the complexity and the interconnectedness that we cannot, or only with difficulty, de facto grasp because it is too complex. We have lost our bearings.

We would like to conveniently control everything and have an overview with one click. But we prefer not to deal with the functioning behind it at all. On the one hand, we love communities, sharing & likes. Most of the time, however, we are closest to ourselves and ultimately focus on our own benefit “stand alone”. We are purpose driven. We post our “opinion” on everything, but very few people stand by their opinion and can communicate it. In daily life and in our professions, we have to take care of sub-areas and be specialized there. At the same time, like generalists, we should always have the big picture in mind. Many want to become leaders because there is money and a feeling of power, but at the same time few leaders want to learn the craft of leadership.

Over the past few decades, all of this has contributed to the fact that we are where we are today, or that our systems are partially down. But that’s the retro perspective and hardly helps us after the transformation.

Let us use the opportunity with the contribution of each individual to better understand today’s and future “world” and its systems together so that we can shape it correctly together!


In times of change, it is an opportunity for courageous and capable people to put their ideas, approaches, skills and business models to the test, and to get them ready for the new world. Acting is better than reacting. Create better than pause.

We would like to continuously introduce you to the Bravehearts of our time of transformation . Entrepreneurs, self-employed, start-ups, freelancers and private individuals who can and want to make a contribution now to make their ideas useful today and in the future. Innovate while isolating … get ready: We transform to perform!

Vinothek Rochus and delivery service, wine cooperative, regional basket, …..

Yury Abramov

Your idea could be here …

you are our next Braveheart?

Your idea could be here …

are you our next breavehart?